Thoughts on technology, from the people building Learnerbly

How we build things

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Tobias Otte

Find out how the sausage is made. We like to share with you how our platform is build, and which technologies we use.

☕️ We are (mostly) TS-centric

We ❤️ the JavaScript/TypeScript ecosystem and try to use it whenever we can but are not averse to changing tools when we feel it's necessary.

💸 Managed solutions are our jam

We want to spend our time-solving problems for our customers, not maintaining our infrastructure. We try to use managed ("serverless") services wherever possible.

💨 We iterate quickly and deploy often

We try to deploy features little by little and release them slowly via feature toggles.

🤖 We automate all that is boring

We want to focus on shipping new things, not maintaining our setup. We always try to lower the cognitive load by abstracting and automating.

💇🏻‍♂️ We use linting over style guides

We don't like to argue over coding style. If we want to standardise something we add a lint rule.

🛣 All infrastructure as code

We try to avoid the DevOps bottleneck. Everyone is allowed to provision infrastructure via shared code.

☁️ We are single cloud

AWS for the win.

⛔️ We do not have code ownership

We all share ownership of our code, people are free to make decisions, others are also free to question these.

💿 The tech bits

Our main API is a GraphQL endpoint running on AWS Lambda. Other technologies in use are DynamoDB, S3, ElasticSearch, MySQL. On the client-side, we use React and Apollo to build web-based components.